Amazing Animal Acts

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Some funny and stomach tickling animals acts, ranging from chimps dancing in rain to birds tapping at windows.

Chimpanzees dancing in the rain

Different animals react to heavy rain in different ways. Cats hate it, sun birds and humming birds are excited by it, parrots go crazy and chimpanzees’ dance! No one knows why they do it, but they do, and different chimp groups dance in different styles. In the Gombe National Park in Tanzania, the chimp rain dance is loud and frenzied. In Tai Forest National Park in the Ivory Coast, the chimpanzees dance is silent slow motion, mimicking the movements of aggression displays, like a great ape version of tai chi, a Chinese martial arts.
It is the males who charged downhill, swing, hoot, spring into trees, break off branches, and generally go berserk while the rain pelts down, thunder rumbles, and lightening streaks across the skies. The females and babies prefer to watch the performance from the shelter of the trees. May be the chimpanzees dance because of the exhilaration they feel when the rain comes thundering down. Don’t we sometimes feel like dancing in the rain too?

Birds taping at windows or mirrors

We might have seen a bird tapping at your window pane, and wondered why it is doing so. Sometimes, birds will tap at a mirror outside, or at the hubs caps at cars.
Ornithologists, who are scientist studying birds, explain that a male bird usually does the tapping. He sees his own reflection in the window, mirror or hubcap, and thinks it is another male bird who is trying to trespass on his territory, or compete for the attention of the female during the breeding season. So, the foolish male attacks his own reflection and tries to drive it away!


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