All Ready And Waiting For Mr Right

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As a woman I discovered that finding a reliable trade person is not always easy, consequently i resorted to deviousness.

The desperate need to find a tradesman leads to deviousness .

After many years of being widowed and having to fend for myself when it came to dealing with tradespeople, I was on the verge of selling my home, which I really love and don’t want to part with. Nevertheless the constant battle in getting a decent person or anyone for that matter, who would give me a an honest quote and do the job as it should have been done, was getting me nowhere. Being an obstinate and at the same time analytical person, I sat down and worked out what it was that was defeating me. After a quite a few hours and some research, the light bulb finally lit up in my brain and this is what I came up with.
Normally tradesmen like to come after work which suited me also, for just like them I also have a daytime job. When they arrived they were presented by a woman in business suits (which are a must and not a choice in my line of work) my makeup and hair matched what I was wearing and so did my manners.(it’s a mystery to me as to why our clothes effect our language) From these tradespeople I was given always from unreasonable to the most ridiculous quotes. Reflecting on this I could hear their thoughts ‘this woman is loaded, I’ll double the price. On the other hand of the scales, the times that I stayed home, naturally I was dressed accordingly: just the way I like it which comes naturally for let’s face it, after being at work five days a week, all I like to do, is to be comfortable as long as I am clean; I am at piece with the world. Now what reaction did I get? Quite often I was taken for a fool, talked down to, or never heard from ‘Honest reliable whatever his name was’
After reaching my conclusion I worked out what I had to do, so I decided to change tactics the next time I needed a tradesman.
Yes! With my house the time came soon enough, except this time I was ready for Mr, what’s his name! Can you guess what I did? I dressed in jeans, with a black tee shirt and a Ducati motorcycle cap on my head. Instead of waiting inside, I made sure I was out in the garden either digging or weeding and with the motor mower close by. By the tree I had the ladder as if I was going to prune the branches
Believe it or not, this camouflage worked a treat; the three “men” that came were the politest tradespeople I had ever dealt with. All quotes were comparable and tradesman whose quote I finally chose, completed the job to my satisfaction.
Yep, dressed for the occasion always pays good dividends.


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