Active Non Engagement

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This is a short guide for how to be actively non engaged in some of the more mundane aspects of life

Active Non Engagement

Active Non Engagement
In a results oriented world where everyone is trying to get something done, be on time and meet objectives, it’s sometimes better to just do nothing – nothing at all.

You are not required to respond to anyone for anything – ever. Think about it. You don’t have to say “hello”, “good morning”, “have a nice day” or anything of the like. In fact, you’ll feel better if you don’t. You are not required to participate in meaningless conversation of co-workers, you don’t need to call anyone back if you don’t want to and you certainly are not required to explain yourself to anyone unless legally required to do so. Someone is calling you that you don’t want to speak to – don’t answer it, they’ll leave a message, if not, it wasn’t worth calling you in the first place. You will truly see the meaningless drivel we all participate in each and every day when you empower yourself through Active Non Engagement.

It begins with the little things you don’t even notice. Like thinking you have to recognize someone else’s presence in a room. You don’t have to and you’ll feel better when you don’t. They are grown adults, they can deal with it. Be polite however do not engage. Simple stare straight ahead and watch them squirm . A funny thing will now happen. Most people cannot stand silence and can’t deal with not talking incessantly about absolutely nothing. That’s their problem, not yours. Enjoy the silence, most people don’t need to be running their mouths anyway. You will save your energy and feel an inner joy when you realize the power of silence.

Practicing Active Non Engagement in the public space requires more effort and planning. When dealing with bank tellers, simply stare at them and fill out the required documentation. They will try to break your will with “ are you today sir?’ don’t respond, just nod and hand them the forms. You avoided falling onto their trap of fake empathy and shallow repeated phrases. You have been actively non engaged! They will think twice and wonder why you are not a zombie like them. Not verbalizing things that don’t need to be verbalized is a truly liberating experience! Use this technique at the Post Office, the grocery store or any other service provider you come into contact with.

If you must speak during the day, do it with as few words as possible. One or two word answers spoken clearly in an elevated tone will suffice. NEVER repeat yourself. 99.99% of the time when people say “What..” or Huh?” or what’d you say” – they heard you the first time., they are just trapped in the ‘I repeat myself like a retarded moron all day long’, mindset. Don’t repeat it. Let their idiotic babbling hang in the air. Their slow minds will recall what you said – don’t worry, they heard you the first time. Not repeating yourself will elevate your consciousness to new heights. You have not expended extra energy to repeat something you have already did – for someone else! Think about it – they are demanding that you repeat yourself. They are telling you what to do and how to do it. No, don’t let them. You will gain more respect and let people know that you don’t chew that shit twice – listen up dumb ass!
You are not required to entertain people. You are not a cruise director or a day care manager. Let them find someone else to do tricks for them. You are not a barking seal entertaining children and paying adults, let them go to Sea World for that.

Enjoy the practice of active non engagement. Notice how some people cannot stand gaps in conversation. They are always running their mouths. Let them, just stare straight ahead and wonder when they are going to shut up. When they do, say nothing. Observe how uncomfortable they become. Now you are playing by your set of rules, not theirs. You have now stemmed the tide of stupidity and noise pollution and have made the world a better place to live. You are a liberator of the mind and an escapee from the mental asylum of endless diatribe and ceaseless blathering – you have raised the bar for human interaction and left the rabble perplexed at their insanity.


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author avatar kaylar
11th May 2013 (#)

In some respects of active non-engagement I wrote the book, but one of the factors you have to understand is that making people dislike you is a bad idea.

Ignoring the presence of other people is a bad idea. A nod, a small grin is fine but acting as if you are alone and the other person doesn't exist makes enemies.

Never make enemies accidentally.

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