A tale of three apples

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Read on to find out how three apples changed the world..

A tale of three apples

Apple is a very lucky fruit. Globally, it is the first English word a child is taught in school. A for apple is the kid’s salute to the widely cultivated fruit. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ goes a popular saying, obviously not endorsed by any doctor. ‘And if the doctor is a lady, keep the apple away’ goes the continuation of the popular saying, probably endorsed by some flirty lady doctor.

The world has been deeply defined and influenced by a tale of three apples. First apple was the one eaten by Adam and Eve on the eve of Adam’s birthday (well, not actually. I just tried to pun). Eve said to Adam: An apple a day will keep the doctor away. Adam replied: Since you are a pretty lady, I will (better) keep the apple away. And then they sinned, immortalizing apple as the symbol for knowledge and temptation.

Then, there was the second apple. This apple fell on a certain guy called Isaac Newton, following which he discovered gravity. I wonder if it was a coconut that fell on his head instead of the apple, he would have had a memory loss, and not even remembered the spelling of apple.

And then, there was the third apple. This one didn’t fall on anyone’s head. Instead, it came out of the head of a maniac called Steve Jobs. Though I am yet to purchase an Apple product (thanks to its premium pricing), I feel the company has done enough to call itself a true innovator. The Macintosh is the sleekest computer ever. Even its skeleton must be looking sexier than Microsoft’s PCs.

When Apple created the iPod, Walkmans became outdated. The iPhone redefined the look for cell phones. It also spurred China-made clones available at dirt-cheap prices. In fact, if Apple revolutionized phones, China has redefined clones. When a single SIM iPhone was launched by Apple, China came up with dual SIM iPhones. For every Nokia, China has Nokla and for every iPhone, there is an ePhone. These phones are best suited for kids who want to play games, and just find joy in pressing the buttons randomly. My 5-year old cousin has a China-made iPhone (called ePhone), which he uses to give me missed calls. How he manages it is a mystery for me.

In my previous organization, one of our clients was O2. The telecom company was the exclusive reseller of iPhones in the UK, and we use to handle their customer care from India. Their executives had flown down to our office to showcase the new iPhone. On the first weekend of their official visit to India, these guys went to Mumbai’s Crawford Market for shopping. One of the guys was proudly displaying his brand new iPhone, expecting admiration in return from the local shopkeepers and onlookers. He stopped in front of a small shop to check out some cell phone accessories such as ear phones and screen guards. To his horror, the shopkeeper’s kid was holding an exact replica of the iPhone, and playing songs on it louder than an amplifier. Needless to say, our client had to keep his ‘original’ iPhone back in his pockets. He was later informed that China-cloned iPhones had hit the markets even before Steve Jobs reached home after announcing the launch of the original iPhone.

Just when I thought Apple had innovated enough, they came up with the iPad. While I gifted myself a simple Nokia phone on my last birthday, my (wealthy) girlfriend got an iPad from her (wealthier) father as her birthday present. She now flaunts the iPad in her hand as if a college student holds a notepad or a book.

Realizing that it takes two to tango, Nokia and Microsoft have joined hands to come up with Windows Mango. While apparently it seems a bit sheepish to call your product Mango just because your biggest rival is called Apple, what remains to be seen is whether Nokia is able to upset the Applecart (pun intended).

P.S.: Steve Jobs has reached heaven and is working in alliance with God to launch a product called iGirlfriend. It’s a remote that can be used on your girlfriend. It shuts her eyes whenever she approaches a shopping mall, and also has a mute button.


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author avatar Funom Makama
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Insightful, deep, nice and just what we need to read in such a community. My sense of values sometimes comes from such articles. Keep it up!~~ Steve Jobs has left a mark that will remain forever...

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
18th Oct 2011 (#)

All the three apples are historic and unforgettable.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Very clever article, Prabodh. Thank you.

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author avatar Vernazoa
30th Jan 2012 (#)

What a twist of thinking, three apples that I hope didn't get rotten from the peck. I like your tongue in cheek humor.

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author avatar Prabodh
30th Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks for your lovely comment, Vernazoa. Do keep writing in.

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
29th Mar 2012 (#)

Interesting piece :)

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