A strange love story

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I like woman but, when I'm with them, not ever know what to say. Men are different: they like sports, like women.
Instead women like men.

A strange love

I like woman but, when I'm with them, not ever know what to say. Men are different: they like sports, like women.
Instead women like men. Would this is enough for not understandimg each other and not finding topics of conversation. Seriously with women I have always felt uncomfortable, until last month, when I entered the ipermercat. I just wanted to buy some box for dinner when suddenly I saw her: beautiful, tall, blond, athletic and muscled was pushing a cart a few meters from me, but to me it seemed that she were dancing the rumba. I stayed hypnotized and almost inadvertently began to follow her,she had something vaguely familiar which encouraged me, I wanted to speach to her but how to do it? "Miss, excuse me if I would, but I seem to have already seen somewhere". No, No, No, this was a stupid approach and as old as my grandfather. I was absorbed in those thoughts when suddenly she asked me, smiling: " Do you know where is the garden-fruit?". "Of course" mechanically answered although I hadn't the slightest idea. Since than, we no longer stopped chatting. Her name was Lucy and was employed, she liked sports and knew all of Inter, he loved to go to the Cinema and every form of entertainment. I was immediately entranced, had immediately the certainty that, if there was a woman in the world for me, well, I had found. We greeted us graciously without exchanging phone numbers. The next day I was still at the ipermecato with my trash I stayed there for three hours but I didn't see her again. Thus all the days of the week, I had already bought canned food for a few months but I didn't give up. Finally, on Tuesday of next week we revised to confectionary. My heart pounding in the chest to the rhythm of the Sarabande but I had not the courage to get ahead. And if I had been detected? And if he was miffed about having to speak again with me. As usual she speak "Hello Hannibal, I'm glad to see you again how come here?" We remitted to talk as we had never stopped. We also make the game fun to find slogans for the hypermarket.To me as far as I am scervellassi and I thought we came only this diminished: "go to ipermarket and you are cunning like a cat" That crap! Okay,it was a poetic license, but the result was very poor. She laughed a lot of my slogan and said "go to the supermarket and find love." I became immediately fire red and I pretended I had not understood, but I was bursting with happiness. Since then, I continued to go to the supermarket every day, I bought supplies for years, and our meetings became increasingly frequent. Our history lasted until the last week, when she gave me an appointment in the evening outside the Hyper. She invited me in a Night club, when I arrived I saw her not immediately, but when they exited the soubrette I had the surprise of finding her in front of me too blatantly rigged and heels: she was a Dark Queen. She was a man, that's why it was so easy to talk to her! However, I was too in love with her and how you know true love is hard to stop. Unfortunately shortly after this, at the the table, He also told me his real name Bertollo Lucio and lived in Tombolo, my native country. I immediately realized : he was my cousin Lucius, was married and had two sons. For a breath I lost love. I Think that if I had been a woman, He had not been my cousin, had not beenn married with two sons, I would have found love. Just by a hair.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
23rd May 2012 (#)

Thank you for sharing your nice story.

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
23rd May 2012 (#)

Interesting story. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Retired
24th May 2012 (#)

Good Story!

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