A shot in the dark

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Had your mug shot taken lately? Here's an attempt to blend mystery and humor related to that experience.

A shot in the dark

As she drove slowly through the street, her eyes scanned the row of establishments on either side. She saw a sign board, nervously pressed down on the brakes, hesitated, then moved on, hesitated again, then pulled up seeing that she had come almost to the end of the street.

She glanced in the rear view mirror, reached into her purse, touched up her face, and sat for a long moment, letting the engine idle. With a sudden exertion of will, she made a decision, turned off the engine, grabbed her purse, got out, and purposefully walked back in the direction of her arrival, clicking on the remote and taking note of the "plip" sound indicating the door lock of the car.

It was mid afternoon, and there were just a couple of pedestrians and the usual scrawny street dogs, lying on their sides in the shade of a parked truck, tongues out and chests heaving. She reached the front entrance, stopped, looked up, checked the name board, then pushed the door in and entered.

The man inside was occupied turning pages in a register, and his posture twisted just a fraction of an inch upon her arrival, but he didn't turn. She cleared her throat, and spoke, "I had called you an hour ago." Then he turned, and signaled for her to enter. He gestured towards a vanity table and mirror area, "You look fine, but if you are so inclined...". She nodded, checked herself and then went into the room.

The room was dark and there was a just the lone seat with a cushion, which she occupied and waited. She thought, "This is it, I will have to live with the consequences of this moment for many years to come." She composed herself, and managed a smile, and indicated she was ready. The man stood with his finger on the trigger, looked around, and made sure there would be no disruptions, and then asked, "M'am, how would you like your picture? Passport size or visa?"


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