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This is the tale of a big jar of loose change, too much free time, and what happens when they intersect...

Two cents' worth doesn't cover this waste of loose change...

The first time I read about something tiling an entire room with pennies, it was a tattoo/body art shop somewhere. I thought it was kind of cool, definitely different, and at least something constructive involving those worthless ass fucking pennies.

Then I found this story, about a Chicago couple who tiled their whole bedroom floor with pennies. Sigh. See, it starts off as something cool, then the hipsters get their hands into it, and it all starts turning to shit.

The chick wasn't entirely sure about the idea, then she came home and he had started without her, so it was 'I guess we're doing it,' according to the chick from the article. Allow me to throw a flag on the play for bullshit. I can't even change a channel without clearance from my significant other, let alone start a major, time-consuming (the article said this took four months), and expensive (little over a grand) home improvement project without an 'okay' or a thumbs up. This chick in the article sounds like the kind who just rolls over wordlessly and bites the pillow when he comes in wearing his gimp mask.

So, after four months of putting down special glue, putting down the pennies one by one, sanding it down a bit, and applying a clear coat to cement everything down, they finished the floor you see in the above pic. You can see more photos, learn more about the project, and maybe even read an interview with some of the loose change involved at ThePennyFloor.com

An estimated 59,670 pennies were used to completely cover the floor, including some rare finds, like a 1944 WWII 440 steel penny, and a 1873 Indian head penny, either of which were worth enough to cover the cost of the project.

Allow me to throw yet another flag for bullshit, this time pretentious bullshit. You find rare coins, valuable enough to cover the tab for this shiny happy bedroom quest, and you just glue them down, sand them up, and clear coat them for all eternity? That's just stupid. That's like cutting a fine painting from a frame cause you want the painting for an edgy collage you're working on. Where's your sense of history, just trashing rare antiquities for use as floor tiling? The chick said it had turned into a fun party game, where they challenge guests to find the rare ones.

*Facepalm* See, that's how it starts...a couple of drinks, then you are face down on someone's bedroom floor, looking for rare coins as someone enters wearing a gimp mask. See a penny, pick it up for luck, indeed...


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