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Anne and Albert are brothers and sisters. They have a research mind, and made them to create a rocket.

Anne and Albert meeting an Alien in their village in Russia

Introduction: Annie and Albert are brother and sister. They used to play all the games. Parents never objected them to move out of the home. They use to move out of the home after coming back from the school. It is a typical village with one thousand people. It is in the corner of Russia. The story is about alien visiting that part of the village, and meeting these brother and sister.

This brother and sister created an electric rocket. By using, old electrical and electronic goods in their home, they found their invention is success. The last button they never tested. The reason is the last button is the button for the flying. In home or out of the home they could not test it is. The important reason is they are expecting that three feet rocket would be travelling two thousand miles height. So they were planning to test that rocket near a hill which is with two thousand miles height.

The village surrounded without any hill. Only they need to travel fifty kilo meters away from their village. The planned to test the rocket at the one of the week ends. Albert and Annie are not permitted to go beyond the village surroundings. Their parents are very strict in this matter. At the same time, Annie was telling Albert to test the rocket as early as possible. Albert said it is impossible. He further said, daddy and mummy are strict they will never send a long distance.

Anne replied during the Christmas holidays, parents will be visiting grand father home, and that is the best time. We go out and test this rocket. Albert said, yes it is possible. If the parents are not in home, they never care what we do. All they need is their children must have to be in safe, and secured.

The days passed, December first week came. Parents called Anne and Albert gave enough money to shop their Christmas cloths. The money was sufficient enough for buying two sets each. Anne gave an idea to Albert. Anne said in this money we change some important components in the rocket. Only that would ensure the flying hundred percent. Albert also agreed. Albert was worried about their parents. The reason is money was give for two set of dresses.

Anne replied, we buy one set of dress each. We inform the parents the second set would be reaching through shipping to home after two months. That dress company is in Ukraine and it is close country to Russia, so the time delay will be there for the second set. Albert urged to change all the necessary spares in the rocket.

The both Albert and Annie changed the spares of the rocket. They also tested internally. The last and final test must have to be made near to the hill as per their plan. They preferred the hill just because to see the height is matching the hill. They also purchased to binoculars to watch the rocket closely when it is launched.

The making rocket they learned from the book. As they are very much interested in creating the rocket and testing it, they never returned the book to the school library. The library in charge asked the penalty for not returning the book. They also settled the money to the library from their pocket money which is given to them by their parents.
The last week of the December also came. Anne and Albert sent their parents to grand parent’s house in a train. From the railway station normally they come by local bus, because the distance to their village and railway station is fifteen miles. After send off to their parents they walked fifteen miles by discussing about the rocket launching date.

Anne said we fix the date on December 24th morning at nine. Albert said it is better we launch on the Christmas day. He said many reasons for it. If the rocket damages a home, or any other surface, the owner would not take it much serious. The reason is Christmas is the day for enjoyment. Albert further said, we should expect always unexpected. Anne agreed to Albert decision.

The twenty fourth night Anne and Albert did not had much food. They were planning and dreaming only about the success of their rocket. Albert prepared a tea and tapped Anne. Anne returned back of the good morning said to her by saying, very good morning to him.

After the comments from the readers the story would be continued shortly………………..


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Nice funny story.
+1 for this story!

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