A Short Poem Interrelating Science And Love

Akash Angs By Akash Angs, 4th Jun 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This poem is about how I'm comparing the nature of science and the nature of my love for my beautiful girlfriend!!!

Proposal In Science

Einstein’s relation changed the universe
Unlike which I can’t express in a single verse
The square root of three is 1.732
All in can say is, my heart will always adore you;
Pascal tends to be Newton per square meter,
Plus I promise not be a cheater;
Both of which, I have known in physics and in history
Yet, still tried to work on my chemistry.
Galileo’s saying was once disagreed though
But I never had a doubt on you, I know
As it was the earth around the sun
Without you my purpose is undone,
Just as the eclipse occurs with everything in one
I’ll be waiting for the equilibrium to come.

With me, the atom and you the nucleus
About which I’m so very much obvious.
I can’t do integration or differentiation
To prove my undying love of deep creation
In order to go back and forth like a pendulum
I would rather write an entire album,
Of a proposal in science for you to know
That without you I’m just an Indian zero.


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I like writing about things that are to be expressed in a passionate way to leave a mark in the reader's mind.

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author avatar philpalm
7th Jun 2013 (#)

Einstein's equation E=MCsquared is quite a leap because who would have thought that the great leap from matter could cause so much ruckus to that extent?

Galileo highlighted how centralist or self centered the people's thoughts were. To be open to the fact that the world doesn't revolve around us is a great step forward towards being humble to the universe.

Opposites do sort of attract each other. Negative and positive sort of destroys each other and marriage is suppose to add more to your life. Why the fuss about zero? I suppose not wanting to be something that your are not is a sort of zero. Being happy is being content to discover whatever you are going back to zero is often a new start.

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author avatar Akash Angs
7th Jun 2013 (#)

A big thanks for your precious comment!! I appreciate your concern...i'll keep that in mind.

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author avatar Vaishnavi N P
2nd Mar 2016 (#)

Very nice.... :P

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