A Secret Love

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A text message sent to the wrong person leads to an awkward confession.

"Case secret loves never last as long" - Luther Vandross

Don’t you think love is the best thing ever? I mean, there’s nothing like falling in love and knowing you are loved in returned.

My lady and I make it a point to text each other constantly. It could be about the most irrelevant, boring thing and we’d make the time to respond.

One day, I sent her a cheesy I-Love-You text and expected a response or a call but to my surprise, she remained silent. I bid my time but patience is not a specialty of mine and after a couple of hours, thinking that she didn’t receive my first text, I sent another.

So there I was sending the message when I realized that I made a HUGE mistake. See, in South Africa, unisex names are common as all hell and it just so happens that my woman and one of my friends share such a name.

Take a wild guess as to who got the message… TWICE!

As soon as the error of my ways came to light; I was in distress.

What in the hell had I just done?

While my distress began to subside, my fear grew and it drove me to action. Despite my heart pounding, my vision blurry and my fingers fumbling, I had to set things right.

All sort of scenarios were playing out in my head...

Maybe he never saw the messages, perhaps there’s still time… But what if he already saw them? What if the bastard sent them to the gents? How will I ever face them again?

If the gents were to find out, this shame would hang over me till the end of days.

For all I knew, an innocent mistake ruined everything…

My fear drove me frantic. My thoughts were all over the place which made my attempt of an explanation even worse.

It got so bad that Autocorrect gave up on trying to enforce its draconian laws and let me do my thing. The one time I needed the damn thing, it decided to abandon me.

This made me angry and that anger took an irrational turn…

I cursed my phone for having minutes to send the message, cursed my thumb for pressing the Send button, cursed my lady and friend for sharing a name, cursed their parents for giving them that name.

Hell, I even cursed that name for being so common but for the most part, I cursed myself for not double checking the message recipient.

My rage and irrationality was reaching radioactive levels to the point where I was considering calling the both of them and giving them a piece of my mind when the message tone rung.

When I saw from who the message came from, all the rage and irrationality died a fiery death and from the ashes came anxiety.

It came from my friend.

What will the message say? More importantly, will he let this slide or will it signify the end of our friendship?

It did my nerves no good to fret so much about the message so I decided that whether the message had positive or negative implications, I was going to man up and face the consequences of my actions.

My resolve died a quick death as soon as I read the message:

“I feel the same way.”


I won’t lie, that shit caught me off guard.

I was sitting there; eyes bulged out, mouth agape and knocked for six. There I was expecting a simple “You’re drunk” or “Fuck off” and this bastard just decided to throw that on me.

Naturally, I did what most guys would do in that situation; I avoided my friend like the plague. Not because the guy might be gay; but to collect my thoughts and set things straight. When we did finally meet; he was forthcoming and such, reminding me of why I liked the guy (as a friend) so much.

The way I saw things, I knew this guy before he came out and even when he did come and tell me the truth, he’s still the same person. Him being gay doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy his company (but not in a dodgy manner) and in any case, I figured that if anyone doesn’t have the right to throw stones at people, it’s me.

It took a while, but I am now proud to say that while I was once a homophobe, I am now a person who doesn’t care of anyone’s sexuality so as long as they are (for the most part) cool towards me.

While my feelings were unrequited, he was still cool about the whole situation and we ended up laughing about it over a beer.

P.S: The gents never found out about…whatever the hell this was and my lady only laughed at the stupidity of the situation.


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24th May 2017 (#)

Nice story...as embarrassing as it may have seemed.....

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author avatar Memba Ben
24th May 2017 (#)

Hi Tootsie.

While it was embarrassing, these are just the type of things to look back and laugh at.

Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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