A Job Interview from Bizarro World

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A look back at the weirdest job interview I ever had.

Why do I want to work here?!? It's so that I can make money to avoid starving to death, that's why.

So back in the day, I was out searching far and wide for a job when I found an advert for a vacancy in a retail store and decided to apply. After a couple of days, I met up with the recruiter who said that the managers liked what they read and invited me to a second interview.

At this point, I was psyched. Just one more round of generic Google questions and I would be in. I was determined not to fail, so I searched for all the typical job interview questions and rehearsed my answers to the T.

Come interview day, I showed up early in order to impress, and met the interview panel which was the regional HR manager and the store manager. They seemed all cool and we got the interview underway.

Now, up to this point, things were going swimmingly well. They were asking all the right questions and I was giving them all the right answers. Laughs were shared and a good time was being had…

Up until they decided to flip the script on me.

To quote the store manager;

“Ben, I feel we have most of the interview wrapped up, so we are going to ask just a couple more questions to gauge your personality.”

I had no trouble with that, as I was expecting more “describe yourself” type questions.

And for the most part I was right.

“Which do you find more important, work or your personal life?”

"What is your stance on workplace relationships?"

"Why do you want to work for us?"

At that point, the questions were still somewhat understandable, but they soon went to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy type territory…

"What do you think are some of my faults?"

What the hell!?
I don’t know?

“Would you lie for the company?”


“As you know Ben, sales require a lot of ingenuity to convince the customer to buy what you are selling and ingenuity comes from creativity. To show us your creativity, tell us how you would lead a horse to water and make it drink.”


“They say that our personalities are mirrored in animals. Which animal mirrors yours, Ben and furthermore, If you could become any animal, which would you be and why?”


That interview went from 0 to 100 real quick!

I left the interview confused, which is something I don't think is supposed to happen...

Needless to say, I didn’t get the job but don’t you worry;

The next time I get an interview, I will prepare for questions concerning my creativity and personality instead of ones related to the job…


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author avatar Retired
22nd Feb 2017 (#)

Well, I was going to apply a company, but their description included 'We are a sexy' company! After I had recovered from a swoon, I thought it was too naff to apply to them! Nope, it was not a sexy lingerie company, but a hotel! Sexy? Enough to make one say WTF, but I must refine it! lol.

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author avatar Memba Ben
28th Feb 2017 (#)

Hahahaha! I'm in tears right now!

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author avatar Retired
22nd Feb 2017 (#)

Also, some wise wag said 'Make work part of your life, but don't make life part of your work'! That's not an original by me.

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author avatar Mariah
14th Mar 2017 (#)

You'd need to be a bloody shrink to work out how to answer that lot lol....priceless

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author avatar Retired
1st Jul 2018 (#)

Sounds like a weird interview. Thank you for sharing Memba Ben.

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