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On a weekly basis many men and women run to their TV sets to turn on their favorite past time: watching football. Not all of us share that passion, and this is the reason why.
How to take like a fish to the water? Are you floundering in still waters? Look at what one research team fished out from the deep. Having succeeded they are now after the dogs and cats.
So, you are now a proud parrot parent. Has that feathered companion captured your heart? Read on to see if you display the telltale signs of avian addiction.
Great Britain (particularly but not exclusively England) abounds in towns and villages that take their names from those of saints. Examples include St Albans, St Ives and St Davids. However, with a little imagination, and tongue planted firmly in cheek, one can pretend that it is only...
Food fads are making it increasingly difficult Middle-classes are becoming health-co
April Fool's Day is renowned the world over as an occasion for news media to try catching out the public with stories that are just a little bit too good to be true. Here is a short selection.
Something special happens when a baby is dressed in college football clothing. Learn what can happen to a baby when college football is involved in their life.
"You'll need a wha-cha-ma-thingy to go on your boo-bob. Then I'll have to install a giz-a-matic on top of that," the mechanic says and I know I'm hopelessly out of my league.
You can eat a sandwich or you can look at it. On Wikinut, it's the placement of articles, sometimes, that create unintended sandwiches!
A zombie apocalypse may not be on your list of things to worry about but, maybe it should. This is just a small list of things I think would be essential for survival of such an event and hope for the future.
Here is the story of three people whose name matches their profession.
I am a Wikinut. A Wikinut is someone who writes on Wikinut, I am getting to be a real Wikinut, but there is something important that I want to know.
Political Humor: Any time there is an incident which is not pleasing to either the Left or Right, a conspiracy is born. Perhaps conspiracies have wings because they seem to fly around fairly quickly.
This is an article which throws light on the numerous hitches which plague the formation of a simple class presentation. The presentation, after a prolonged span of being in limbo, materializes thanks to the ardent efforts of the lone responsible and conscientious girl....which is obv...
The Governor of West Bengal, India gushes over a royal visitor from Laos making perfect arrangements, when it turns out that the royal dignitary is a siamese cat named Prince.
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