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Everybody wants that lucky break, until they realize that it is better to get it with understanding, experience and purpose, no matter how much they temporarily fail in a short range way.
Animals look adorable with their cute noses and big brown eyes, but some can be downright nasty. Squaring off against an enormous beast is a tricky situation that demands quick thinking. You must either turn yourself into a bad target or disappear at a moment’s notice.
She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not. And.. Then The Flower Spoke. If you have been in love and asked the flower this question, then..
This is a boring article of anecdotes and theories related to paradoxes, which, I presume, you would certainly find interesting.
My readers are so used to me writing sad stories, I am presenting this little article just for the sake of laughing or at least feeling good. This article was also picked up by a food e-zine with one time publishing rights.
How to move from passionate committment to Profound Indifference in a few easy steps.
This is one great idea that you will find amusing yet embrace its wide uses and applications. This was even controversial that had pro and cons bombarding the idea champion and co- proponents.
A Childhood sweetheart can last for a lifetime, and some are quickly forgotten, but do you remember your first Kiss?
A quick look at the newspaper this morning came up with some unusual facts from Skirts sizes to Lamp posts
Since Valentine's Day exists and is around the corner, we'll see what the lonely can do to have a pleasant day.
Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the human brain. Here we study how and when we should sleep. Cats may be involved because of their outstanding ability to sleep.
Did you know that women can smell things we men cannot? And that is all about attraction,
Tennis is a sport and should remain so. The finals of the first Grand Slam for the year 2015 has begun…almost ended. We take a look at the players who made it to the final of the Australian Open. The fight will be tough and traditional.
Some famous carnival celebrations and how we can make our own fancy customs for a time for fun and the ludicrous.
Take time. Write a list of all your issues to be sorted and tick each one as you go along. Then, treat yourself to something nice for having completed your domestic issues.
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