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Every year we all go through the inevitable resolutions, something we tell ourselves we will do to better our lives, and relationships. But do we really complete all or any of them? Majority of the people say no but thinking of the amount of money we spend each year trying, we wish we...
This could be a beginning or it could mean the end. Cheese is delicious. Cheese is nutritious. Most of all cheese holds a secret…one that the aliens use to communicate with one another! Read here how it all came about.
Politics, as annoying as the topic can be in some situations, are a necessary evil in our society, at this time. Until we all agree to evolve enough to be self-aware, completely free of self-deception and autonomic, we still have to deal with some of the most ridiculous of behaviors f...
American Football is a popular game. My grandsons love it and get excited while watching it on TV. I, however, find it a funny game.
Short story of reasons your average person should try to rock a permanent no maintenance required hairdo.
It is a satirical article for those who can understand satire.Irony would be definitely there. Read understand and recreate.
I'm actually not a really hateful guy but, as you can imagine, life has taught me to not just be all wide-open and receptive to everyone. Call me a snob, if you wish. I don't even care and won't even get mad at the attempted slur.
Amarillo is famous for several things already. But it's this piece's goal to promote te city for something more tan country music or steak.
The man is also composed of the layers of many kinds. When you peel off the onion you find a new layer, the But Human is also have many layers of corruption, misdeeds, and many other vices and follies.
Is it possible that you get spies in your environment? How can you spot them? Some tips about the subject
Imagine yourself as an RAF pilot who has noticed something amiss with his aircraft during a flight. You turn it over to the ground crew back at base, with a quick note to report the problem. However, what you get back may not be quite what you were expecting!
It cannot be doubted that the people of Malaysia are obsessed with breaking records. Scarcely a week goes by in Malaysia without the TV screens and newspapers announcing another wacky record-breaking stunt, whether it is making the world’s longest pencil or pulling a jet aircraft wi...
Self-reflection is not something I do regularly but there are times when I need to sit quietly by myself and rediscover me. I found a book which helped me in this regard by giving me questions to use in an effort to rediscover myself.
Join the Movement an URGENT International Plea for Help!
On a weekly basis many men and women run to their TV sets to turn on their favorite past time: watching football. Not all of us share that passion, and this is the reason why.
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