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Smile lights up life. Morning is best time to try it on and do not worry too much...everyone does it. Before you swing your cat in the woods, laugh...or at least smile.
Mermaids on Mars, hilarious poem / song, written by Gregory Stomberg, for children and adults, sci fi humor
I was searching for new topics in the web when i came across a question that caught my eyes. The question is this How would your react if Obama decided to create a reality T.V show with his family?
I am a writer who is constantly on the move, and I use the internet as a marketing tool, and my notebook is not very fast. Read on to find out what I did.
Writing an article is easy when you have a choice of topics. When you have to write about something unusual, the going gets tough. You need help and more importantly you need the right inspiration.
Several things exist in your house that can prove to be dangerous. DIYs such as carpet cleaning could change your spooky house into a lovely one. Leaving things undone cna spell disaster.
Signs, signs, and more signs than any of us need, but then again, if we see a sign, it must be there for someone's benefit.
Historical and brief explaination about these old and traditional univesity student groups.
Its about when i was younger and i was made to watch a film called whatever happen to baby jane and the old women scared me for life so this is my story lol
Do you need some funny captions for our Instagram selfies? Use these clever captions for solo, couple or fail self taken pictures. It may also helpful for you when something goes wrong.
The computer virus told me I had to pay $300 to avoid arrest and 'unfreeze' my computer; I said "No way" and set about trying to defeat it.
People-They can either ‘MAKE’ you or ‘ BREAK’ you. We all form one big society. Man is a social animal and we all need one another to survive. The most dreadful feeling in this world is to be lonely and have no one to understand you, be with you to share your joys and sorrows....
Why the Royal Palace in Madrid remains empty and what the visitor exclaimed after his friend´s explaination.
We can´t be branded as lazy sods if we take a break from work once in a while to have better performance.
this is a wonderful marvellous laugh at all of us..but through a skein of truth doth run...takes all sorts to make a world and takes much to realize it....enjoy....
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