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A new name is added to the already interesting list of candidates vying for the post of US president in the future. This new name has been an enfant-terrible for long time now and continue to be one.. It would be a interesting to know what changes the White House would experience with...
Have you ever experienced difficulty in reading a email or chat conversation because of the cryptic language used ? In the advent of internet, all languages are facing ignominy of being polluted by compulsive chatters when they modify the language with chat lingo and use this languag...
This article takes a humorous angle on what would happen if certain people win the presidential election in US namely Donald Trump, Kanye West etc. What would they do if they enter the White House.
Well, it has begun: Our pecan nut cultivation lesson. Lady Enid and her husband lead us out of the mansion and into the orchards. We are greeted by miles and miles and miles of pecan nut trees. "See, pick them up, and eat; be blessed all ye", says Lady Enid's husband.
This one fell out of a chicken and mustard sandwich of longitudinal surprise that was attached to a D notice found in a skip.
This is part seven and introduces some angels into the equation with a twist of some others things as well to soup it all up.
This is part six and is about the same size as a large puddle of despair found on any cinema floor after the romance movie has ended.
This one fell out of a bucket and so wrote itself and is part four
The space between where we are and where we are not is sometimes only a thought away; all that lies in between is usually called reality; understanding this is what amounts to normal for most people.
I have no idea what this one is about so if anyone does then let me know...
It all could start with "Damn, I should have done that!" or it could end with, "I did it!" Life is like the fork in the road when it comes to opportunity, you only know what you should or should not have done after you did it. This is that story.
Making people to laugh isn't easy, but this lady really achieved it.
This is part one of the pirate's gold and introduces Jimmy the five fingered hand and Slip the evil slipper.
This is a funny list of things that bother me in the house and how I react to them.
It's a funny thing, but I thought up this article as I was walking up the road to this library I am doing this article at. It is a set of thoughts and musings on current politics and situations. I hope it is at least interesting.
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