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A incident about a kid who taught his father how to fuck..
This is not a detailed manual of how not to drive a bus when you're asleep, or awake, it doesn't matter, but if you should ever wake up at the wheel steering a bus don't do anything sudden, and don't take your hands off the steering wheel.
It is early on a foggy day in London town a nightingale is singing in Barclay Square when the Presenter starts his Overview
Just some random things that pop into my head. You may find some funny, you may find some stupid, you may find some downright disturbing.
I have no idea what this one is about. It could be one man talking to another in a fish bar waiting for a delivery...or it might just be Buddha having a strange dream...
This is my version of a comical pantomime incorporating 'Glasgow Patter' To live is to laugh and enjoy come on in,' watch the show' and join in the fun...
What good friends can get us into: fun, trouble, obsession
This is part 6 of Arabella for your dreams in which the captain falls in love with the blue mermaid in the middle of the ocean.
I have been carrying on an illicit love affair that I absolutely must confess to for peace of mind.
No matter where you go find you will bitchy women...all sorts, shapes and first they seem like friends then they stab you in the back..figuratively...and sometimes literally..they do not realize that they will receive their comuppance in many many ways...bless them all...
Have you ever wondered why your order sometimes takes ages to get to you when you're in a restaurant?
I love English muffins...but, I sure wish they were more like their brother...the bagel.
Harry the spider goes in search of a job but finds the lostness machine has got there first.
After planning for an interesting day, I got off to the library only to meet a mean man at the door, whom for the first time was able to beat my "innocent face charm." The feeling of going back home no matter the distance because"I didn't know...."
This is a very old recipe from long ago that has been lost now, but I still have one copy left that I share with you here. This is a recipe that the fairies used before they went into battle: it restored them to sanity...
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