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Amarillo is famous for several things already. But it's this piece's goal to promote te city for something more tan country music or steak.
The man is also composed of the layers of many kinds. When you peel off the onion you find a new layer, the But Human is also have many layers of corruption, misdeeds, and many other vices and follies.
Strange, Stupid and Ridiculous...There are strange laws in all 50 States... Here are some to give you a laugh.
Mother always amazes and surprises me. When it comes to saving money, my mother's an expert. She is naturally funny and never sweats the small stuff. There are so many amusing stories on her frugality I wanted to share one of them.
I write short funny stories that are unlike anything you have ever read.
Friends of ours, Adam and Cecily Scott, who were our neighbors once, some years ago. We had become very close in the years and frequently visited each other by climbing over an A-frame ladder which straddled the back garden wall...
Lets see who guess all the correct answers of the below riddles.
This is a childrens funny poem, about the lives of a cat
This story is about a old marriage couple who shares practically everything that they own with each other to cut down their expenses. Especially with the prices of food, cars and utilities, etc., going in the economy today.
This is a story of a rivalry between two men who used to be best friends.
Is it possible that you get spies in your environment? How can you spot them? Some tips about the subject
Imagine yourself as an RAF pilot who has noticed something amiss with his aircraft during a flight. You turn it over to the ground crew back at base, with a quick note to report the problem. However, what you get back may not be quite what you were expecting!
Self-reflection is not something I do regularly but there are times when I need to sit quietly by myself and rediscover me. I found a book which helped me in this regard by giving me questions to use in an effort to rediscover myself.
In which I recount how I took yet another cat to the dentist, and didn't wind up losing skin, my sanity, OR my shirt! Mostly.
Join the Movement an URGENT International Plea for Help!
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