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Coming into 'The Wikinut House'.... I got a little something to share with you... Now don't get up my people.. Ha ha ha....okay well if you insist Come on now..hit the lights..the Pugcheekawawa is coming through....
Squirrels..Squirrels.. they make you laugh with their silly antics. What happens when you forget to feed them? What happens when they meet the cat for the first time? Do they ever loose their balance leaping from tree to tree? Meet up with one and you'll say you've never had so much f...
Sometimes when we are down on our luck, we have to live where we can afford - even if that mean's living in someone's shed!
There is probably no society in all of history that did not have a crook or two. Now of course we would all want to stay on the straight and narrow in a good society, but there will always be those who will choose to go after things that do not belong to them.
Everybody wants that lucky break, until they realize that it is better to get it with understanding, experience and purpose, no matter how much they temporarily fail in a short range way.
The fantastic and outlandish joys of a fare who needs his "medicine."
Animals look adorable with their cute noses and big brown eyes, but some can be downright nasty. Squaring off against an enormous beast is a tricky situation that demands quick thinking. You must either turn yourself into a bad target or disappear at a moment’s notice.
A Short story about a profession which is risky but is an age old practice and is commonly seen in most parts of India. The professional has got consultants who never demand to be paid for their work and in turn are captivated and remain with their employer life long !
Things are not always as they seem. This is a personal story of what happened to me at a church singing.
She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not. And.. Then The Flower Spoke. If you have been in love and asked the flower this question, then..
This is a boring article of anecdotes and theories related to paradoxes, which, I presume, you would certainly find interesting.
Laundry day. What more can I say...? Dirty clothes, I suppose, simply reacts with my nose.
How to move from passionate committment to Profound Indifference in a few easy steps.
This is one great idea that you will find amusing yet embrace its wide uses and applications. This was even controversial that had pro and cons bombarding the idea champion and co- proponents.
How to drive in India versus Maine OR How I invented a video game while sitting in the front seat of a taxi driving from the Oberoi Hotel to our local outsourcing facilities in "suburban" Bangalore. They have since renamed the city "BENGALURU. I hope this summary is long enough beca...
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