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Imagine yourself as an RAF pilot who has noticed something amiss with his aircraft during a flight. You turn it over to the ground crew back at base, with a quick note to report the problem. However, what you get back may not be quite what you were expecting!
A story about a child that loved to skipped school and also lie to his dad.
Self-reflection is not something I do regularly but there are times when I need to sit quietly by myself and rediscover me. I found a book which helped me in this regard by giving me questions to use in an effort to rediscover myself.
In which I recount how I took yet another cat to the dentist, and didn't wind up losing skin, my sanity, OR my shirt! Mostly.
Join the Movement an URGENT International Plea for Help!
On a weekly basis many men and women run to their TV sets to turn on their favorite past time: watching football. Not all of us share that passion, and this is the reason why.
There are lots of kinds of different pranks but there was a new spreading prank and videos of it are all around the internet world.
This is a small mini-game I,d like to play with you guys. So the idea is that I give you some situations and give you options on what to do so all you have to do is comment ...
Last week my Afrikaans (kind of like Dutch), speaking friend had just returned from London after doing some contract work on an electric turbine...
There is a daughter of a famous movie star which asked by her teacher to write a story about a poor family
Convincing students that things are real can get out of hand…until you get real. Turtles are relatively small and easy to deal with but for the octopus you need a much larger kettle. Drums beat a call to retreat when reality bites…er octopus bites.
Lets laugh out loud similar to this emoticon after reading these funny jokes. Last one is very funny, must read.
Sometimes reading some posts that contains serious things it will make us become tense. Therefore in this my article I try to present an article with "A Play on Words" and its just for a "FUNNY" thing only.
This is just another humor poem that i wrote. something that says, no matter how troubling life is, we always can smile and laugh. That's life
Will Glen finally ask her for her number? Not if he can help it.
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