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Real life experience of me and my friend on our way back from school
Take time. Write a list of all your issues to be sorted and tick each one as you go along. Then, treat yourself to something nice for having completed your domestic issues.
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
Activity in the town can get hectic if you don’t keep tabs on things. Cats have their ways, just as rats do! So, what is this about all the shouting and wearing clothes? Let us see!
A satirical poem about far away kingdom frequented by blogger.
Why going to the gym sometimes is not for the faint-hearted
Have you ever seen or heard about some product that you think should have never been made?, I bet you have, well, here are some I think are just inappropriate.
This is an interesting story of a surgery 51 years after Arthur Lampitt had who had a seven inch lever for a turn signal stuck in his arm. Here is the unusual story
If terrorists could attend their own university like American college students this might be what its prospectus looked like.
Weird things that happen in our lives sometimes, like strange dream experiences.
Bob rents an apartment in New York and goes to the lobby to put his name on the mailbox.
How many ways can you mess up dinner? Will it still taste good?
A humorous true account of my Christmas morning, er, gift.
Every year we all go through the inevitable resolutions, something we tell ourselves we will do to better our lives, and relationships. But do we really complete all or any of them? Majority of the people say no but thinking of the amount of money we spend each year trying, we wish we...
This article is about humour therapy and teaching you about humour in terms of humour therapy.
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