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How is this possible? Read on and you will discover who this mysterious geriatric jumper is!
A Childhood sweetheart can last for a lifetime, and some are quickly forgotten, but do you remember your first Kiss?
I had a fondness for someone and noticed a habit they had. The closer you get to a person, an individual, is the more you learn about them. You learn their foibles. Is this good or bad...?
Just because a person is big and strong with lots of muscles, it doesn't mean they are not afraid of anything.
Every year my husband and I for Valentines Day we do something special for someone else. An elder is our community.
Since Valentine's Day exists and is around the corner, we'll see what the lonely can do to have a pleasant day.
Funny short poems for kids and adults about every day life
Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the human brain. Here we study how and when we should sleep. Cats may be involved because of their outstanding ability to sleep.
Tongue twisters are sentences containing alliteration. Alliteration refers to the same phonetic sound repeated at the beginning of each word, for several words. Tongue Twisters are hard to say because the repetition of the same phonetic sound creates issues with pronunciation and cla...
Christmas is a time of cheer and joy. With cats, it might also be a time of bashing your head against the wall.
Real life experience of me and my friend on our way back from school
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
A satirical poem about far away kingdom frequented by blogger.
Why going to the gym sometimes is not for the faint-hearted
Have you ever seen or heard about some product that you think should have never been made?, I bet you have, well, here are some I think are just inappropriate.
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