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Don't you just love it when you're really into a movie and the next thing you know is you're coming in to land and the screen goes off with not even a: that's all folks.
I have a chocolate in my handbag and I don't have a job to go home to...
The grocery store served as a classroom for a young mother and her child. I was blessed to have witnessed a wonderful, thoughtful and fast thinking mother in action. At the same time, I observed how well we culturally "wait our turn".
Find out how much of an Albertan you really are. Did you grow up in Alberta, do you love Alberta, are you a true Albertan? Take this fun quiz. Keep track of how many "yeses" you get and check at the bottom
What do I think about the Astrology, natal chart and how it affects me, who I am and what I do? I know that I can't win a lottery with it.
There are several words that do not make sense in English, but native English speakers do not question them like people following a religion do not question inconsistencies. I am going to highlight a few that amuse me.
If it's funny, and I can't find a better category for it, I have posted it here. Enjoy!
I love cocoa (especially hot cocoa) and I want to list the many reasons why. It makes me feel good and I want to make others feel good too.
An offbeat look at how in a world where we strive for convenience and instant results, we are sometimes disappointed
Make the time count for your well being. Use a structured analysis of the time to use for different things around the house or out of it. Travel or play, health or leisure – if you are aware of the limitation set by time, you will realize how precious it is.
Why I drink Coffee, and what I'm like without it. This is for Coffee Addicts everywhere who get grumpy without coffee. It is short but it is written to prove we are normal!
Holidays are a cliché. But even though we are jaded about them, there is still something special about the feelings they engender. See if you agree.
I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
Sometimes people either are too dumb to know or don't care enough to keep traffic flowing.
Family and friends are not always the best at keeping in touch with each other. Using Facebook to keep in touch is one way, but how do you know anyone is really reading your postings? My sister did a test post today that really got her page booming.
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