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General Gul Hasan in his memories has one amusing episode about the famous wrestler Gama who migrated from Patiala to Pakistan in 1947.
I thought up some Your Mama jokes just for fun. If you heard any of these before it is just parallel thinking.
Short Joke: Homework Joke - The Trains Are Always Late "Dialog" Joke Joke - A Sentence That Starts with "I" Joke - Will I Be Able to Play the Piano? Joke - School Teacher's Note Joke - Tenses Joke - Factory Workers Laugh
Just a short humorous story on people and what kind there are.
Here is a collection of some of my favorite jokes .
With apologies to all husbands everywhere. Women may think this joke is funny, but men may be bemused. It is all in fun.
This is my favorite joke. Make it your laugh for the day. They say that laughter is the best medicine or else you will die laughing.
Here I have shared few random jokes which I like very much
It's impossible to find work in Vegas if you're a newcomer. You will not know the rope and it will take forever so try to do some research about the ridiculous job finding and requirement in this so called entertainment capital of the world. I don't think so. It's more like the fake ...
These days, it is hard to sit and watch comedy as a family. This is due to the nature of the content which can cause alot of embarrasement, due to adult-base humour.
You know there are lots of Vegas hookers. Here are some tips on when you meet them you will know
This is about how women are having it hard in dating nowadays. We're the ones that have to pick up the check. Ouch.
How do you know if you're dating a cheater. Well there are signs so read on
Something to do when you’re bored! laugh aloud and relax yourself.
There are irresponsible drivers out there. A nanny was driving a bus and was irresponsible for being a bad driver
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